Mobile Disco Wedding Bristol

Bring in the right wedding DJ company for the right
atmosphere and memories.

DJ Mobile Disco Bristol has many years of experience in providing discos, DJs and other entertainment for weddings. Based near Bristol , we regularly play at receptions throughout Bristol Bath and the Southwest .

The evening entertainment is one of the most important
aspects of your wedding day.  We will adapt our weddings service to suit
your requirements.

Mobile Disco Wedding Bristol WHAT CAN WE DO

  • We will provide you with invaluable information for planning your wedding celebration
  • Act as your MC on your big day
  • Taking your requests for your favourite music in advance and creating a wedding music playlist for your reception
  • Arranging and organising your wedding disco
  • Taking requests from your guests during the evening
  • Supply and control microphones and music for your ceremony
  • Provide background music during your wedding breakfast
  • Games, magicians, caricaturists or other entertainers for the break between your ceremony and breakfast.
  • Mobile Disco Wedding Bristol

Our Event DJ’s come with the latest professional sound
and light equipment. This will all be will set up to fit in with your timings
and schedule on the day. For safety, we ensure our equipment is fully PAT
tested annually. We also have £10 million Public Liability Insurance ensuring a
trouble-free, enjoyable reception.


We carry an extensive selection of music covering all
ages and styles. We have the experience to play the right mix of music at a
suitable level. As part of standard procedure, we like our brides and grooms to
provide a short list of music. This should include any information about first
dances etc. We will set up your online planner where you can view our music
catalogue. You can select the music you would like to hear on your special day.

music you wish. The only caveat is that we have it in advance of the day of your wedding. We need to ensure it will work on our systems.

Our DJs always dress smartly to suit the occasion. They present themselves according to the event. Shirt and tie are normal.



Additional Entertainment

Entertainment at weddings normally starts with the disco or maybe a wedding band. There is often a period of time after the ceremony where nothing much seems to be going on. The wedding party literally just hangs about until the wedding breakfast or the reception itself. There are options to fill this often extended period of time and add a little entertainment for your guests. It is also best to keep the children occupied during important points of your day

With so many people coming together the last thing on
their mind is loud overpowering disco music! We agree and understand.
Your ideas and suggestions will be used to provide the correct balance.

Some audiences like a gentle introduction after their
wedding breakfast. After the speeches, cake cutting and first dances, the
entertainment can start quite gently. We can build up the energy during the
first hour as guests will respond better. We will always work with you to
decide what is best at any particular time.

Alternatively, you may wish for a full-on wedding
disco sensational party atmosphere. We can get the tempo moving early and keep
it moving with your requested music and the requests of your guests.

Other services for a wedding celebration

We are often asked to provide other services for our
wedding clients. These include Karaoke, Giant Games, a Wedding Quiz, Silent
Disco and many more.


Ideally, Karaoke shouldn’t take up a lot of your evening. Karaoke can be a very useful addition to your wedding celebrations especially if this will get more of your guests involved.

Wedding Quiz

Typically when our wedding clients ask about a quiz
they mean the Shoe Quiz. The Shoe Quiz is very popular and can be seen in many
YouTube videos.

Your DJ will have the bride and groom on chairs back
to back on the dance floor. Each will have one of each of their shoes in their
hands. When asked a question by the DJ they will respond by holding up a shoe.

There is a list of generic question which can be used, but this gets really interesting when the bride and groom add some of their own questions.

We can also provide a wedding quiz based on our
SpeedQuizzing system. Again we have many generic questions we can use but this
is also enhanced with some contribution from our clients.

Silent Disco

By now, we are all familiar with the idea of Silent
Disco. Silent Disco is available at many festivals and many other places but
what value can it have at a wedding?

A wedding reception is typically about 5 hours in
duration. During that time, your DJ will entertain your guests with a variety
of genres of music to suit all of the guests. What happens when you have a
largish part of your audience which prefers a lot of R&B, dance, Old Skool
or any other genre of music. Well, simply put, your DJ is in a no-win situation
because although some want to focus on their genre you also have many family
and guests looking for typical wedding music and cheese.


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